Invader Zacky is the most powerful irken and head of the security system she has Psychic powers and skills. (more like Kim possible skills)

Zacky's HistoryEdit

Her parents died from a illness. Zacky was sent to the irken military station but she was half human so she moved to earth. She didn't get along with the other humans because of her pailish light green skin. She then grew attena's but she got them cut off. Zacky moved back to Irk she gotton a boys name from her parents whom they thought she was a boy. Zacky got a diamond on her head that grew bigger and bigger. She earned from it. She can only fly, float and make force fields. 


She is dark, dedicated, concerned, brave, caring, beautiful and destructive. 

Physical AppearenceEdit


NAME: Zachary Zacky

KIND: Half human half irken


THEME: One I Love

Red tailcoat, with stripes, light pale green skin, black and red diamond on head, blck and green hair, military boots, black eyeliner long eyelashes, red eyecolor and a grey backpack.

Zacky Character
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