The Invader Blue showhasn't been made yet.


Season 1Edit

1. Blue on Earth

2.Gaz is scary/Dib Hysteria

3.Famly pictures/Field trip

4.Gray gigantic/ Gray vs Gaz

5. Sports/ Tv toons

6. Zib and Dim/Gaz joins the Girl scouts

7. The Zoo/ Trapped After skool

8.Summer camp/Gray and the toystore

9. Carnival of Doom/Dib and dirty

10.Blue's Trial

11.Ron/The skool dance

12. Date night/the rebels from outer space

13. Candy candy/ commercial star

14. 3 Irkens and a egg/return of the robo parents

15.Skool play/Dreams Dreams

16. Tak's revenge

Season 2Edit

17. Invader Andon/Dib's Fantasy adventure

18. The Spa/Paranormal Con

19. A S.i.r. unit and his Pig/Ron vs Zim

20. Pool party/Play Ball

21. A day with bloaty the pig/ the land of Cubevill

22. Day of the Rainbow/Team Racing

23. Rock band concert/ Wishstones Z

24. DIb law of the hall/Gaz's track run

25. 20 years later

26. Ron to the rescue/ Who did it?

27. The land of Sweets/ Mr Eliot finds out

28. Childhood story/Nice and Mean

29. Art class/ Gir and Gray's wacky day

30. just the 3 of us/ The brother and sister picnic

31. Outdoors/ under the ocean

32. return of the tv toons/ Sick

33. A vist from Invader Brown/ Dib's bad day

34. Gaz in video game world/ hey it's Skoodge

35. Secrets revealed

The Last episodesEdit

36. Math work/Hot day

37. Game champion/Gray and Gir get lost

38. Club members only/ Paint fashion

39. The world's greatest chili/ Give back that B block

40. Island of Doom/Ha ha ha

41. 6 days of boredom/ temper and rage

42. Irken Geo vs Ron

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