1. Blue on Earth

Blue and her S.i.r. unit Gray leave the Irkens and tallest red and purple for Earth

2.Gaz is scary/Dib Hysteria

2A Blue is scared of Gaz 2B Blue gives Dib a Crazy cuff making Dib crazier then usual

3.Famly pictures/Field trip

3A Blue makes her own robo parents to make famly pictures 3B Mr.Eliot takes his class on a field trip to a paste factory and Blue wants to swim in the paste

4.Gray gigantic/ Gray vs Gaz

4A Blue tests her jumbo ray on Gray then giant Gray gose to crazy taco Blue must get Gray back to normal size 4B Gray thinks he could beat Gaz in a video game contest

5. Sports/ Tv toons

5A Zim and Blue tryout some sports 5B Blue must put a stop to tv toons

6. Zib and Dim/Gaz joins the Girl scouts

6A Zim is in Dibs body and Dib is in Zims body 6B Gaz becomes a Girl scout but how will she quit the scouts

7. The Zoo/ Trapped After skool

7A Blue and Gray go to the Zoo 7B Blue is stuck in the skool

8.Summer camp/Gray and the toystore

8A Zim and Blue go to camp 8B Gray plays a the toy store

9. Carnival of Doom/Dib and dirty

9A Blue and Gray go to the Carnival 9B Blue gets Dib dirty so while Dib is taking a bath Blue can put rash powerder on dibs clothes

10.Blue's Trial

The Tallest Red and Purple put Blue on trial

11.Ron/The skool dance

11A Blue found her lost friend Ron 11B Blue and Ron dance at the skool dance

12. Date night/the rebels from outer space

12A Ron and Blue go out 12B some aliens kidnaped Ron and Blue

13. Candy candy/ commercial star

13A Gray and Gir are crazy for candy 13B Gray wants to be a commeral star

14. 3 Irkens and a egg/return of the robo parents

14A Zim,Ron and Blue take care of an Egg 14B Blue's roboparents are back but they go crazy

15.Skool play/Dreams Dreams

15A Blue plays outside 15B Blue steals Dreams becuse irkens are not able to sleep

16. Tak's revenge

Tak gose after Blue