It's Summer and Dib is going to summer camp instead of staying home Zim goes to Dib's Summer camp to try out camp but Zim ends up hating summer camp that night he ecsape the camp but Dib fallowed Zim but when Zim and Dib get lost the woods they stay there for whole day that night Whle Dib was Zim leaves Dib in the woods and ends up at Girl scout camp the next day the girls at the camp try to keep Zim but there leader tells them to set Zim free in to the woods so the Girls set Zim in the woods Zim being back alone in the woods with no one around Zim starts to cry after crying Zim sits alone then Dib,The campers and camp leader happy found Zim and take him back to the camp and had a party a few days later the campers,Dib,Zim and camp leader happy sing good bye summer after the song all the campers,Dib and Zim when home then at his base Zim says I never want to go to camp again! The end


1. Camp F-U-N by Campers and Camp leader Happy

2. Going Home alone by Zim

3. lost with you by Zim and Dib

4. look high look low by Camp leader Happy and campers

5. Going Home alone reprise

6. We found a boy by Girl scouts

7.Let that boy go free by Girl scout leader

8. Gald your are safe by Camp leader Happy/ Campers

9. Good bye Summer by Campers,Camp leader Happy,Dib and Zim


Richard Steven Horvitz as Zim