Invader Zim makes a portal to an alternate universe then He and Gir go into the alternate universe where he meets Invader Blue,S.i.r. unit Gray,Ron and his alternate self and Gir meets his altenate self as well but When Dib arrives he teams up with his alternate self to capture the two Zims Girs and also Invader Blue,Gray and Ron.

Main CharactersEdit

Invader Zim




Invader Blue

S.i.r unit Gray


Alternate Zim

Alternate Gir

Alternate Dib

Alternate Gaz

Other CharactersEdit

Tallest Red and Purple/ Alternate Talest Red and Purple

Miss Bitter/Alternate Miss Bitters

Skool childen/Alternate Skool children

Prof.Membrian/Alternate Prof. Membrian

Mr. Elliot/Alernate Mr. Elliot