Year ???? - Invader Blue,Ron,Geo and other smeets were born then given their information and name. After receiving their information and name the Smeets starts their training.

A year later - Blue,Ron,Geo and the other smeets turn 1 year old.

During that same year - Ron discovers the trash chute unaware to Blue,Geo and the other smeets. Ron goes into the trash chute and ends up outside planet Irk. He is then taken by the trash worker ( not from irk) Tallest Miyuki hears about Ron being missing and tells the guard to upgrade the SECURITY.

Zim is born and causes a blackout for 5 years. At the same time Blue thows a block at the light bulb.

10 years later - Blue gets into the Weapons room, also at the same time Zim causes a another blackout lasting for 4 years.

4 years later - Blue,Red,Purple talked to Miyuki and Spork before they went to planet vort, to see what the Vort Scientists had made and also to check on Zim.

A few minutes before Miyuki and Spork leave for vort - Geo begs Miyuki to let him be an Invader. Miyuki tells Geo no, it's for your own safety

On Planet Vort Miyuki and Spork are both Killed by Zim's Monster experiment and the planet vort became a prison . Then the people of vort were no longer free, only prisoners. after which Red and Purple became Tallest, later that same year.

Operation impending doom 1 - Zim goes on a rampage from inside a giant robot while blowing up inavders and irkens in his path.meanwhile, Blue made a shelter to protect herself. Afterwards, Zim is sent to foodcourtia. Tallest Red and Purple gives Blue a S.i.r. unit called Gray.

Present Time Operation impending Doom 2:

Blue and Gray destroy an unknown planet. Then Tallest Red and Purple order Blue to not destroy anymore planets.

Blue, however, is unhappy with Talest Red and Purple's decision. So she leaves them and other irkens to destroy something which happens to to be the moon. Blue and Gray stayed on earth to destroy the moon but Blue had Skool on the Weekdays. Zim was on earth due to Tallest Red and Purple giving him the planet during the great asigning.

Blue was put on trial by Tallest Red and Purple but Blue was not any threat to the irkens. The Control brain judge just let Blue Change a light bulb. After changing the light bulb Blue was free to be on earth and destroy the moon.

Ron comes to the earth and reunites with Blue.

Geo comes to earth attacks Blue and Ron and Geo becomes Blue and Ron's enemy.

The End.

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